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RF and Microwave Circuits

Design and fabrication of broadband, highly-efficient and high-power microwave amplifier is an important area of our research. Several power amplifiers operating in L, S, C and X bands are designed and fabricated in our group.

Computational Electromagnetics

 In this area of research, we are developing new methods for efficient time-domain simulation of electromagnetic problems. Our interest is focused more on the finite-difference time-domain method. Our current computational works include EM simulation of multi-scale problems, EM simulation of thin layers, and EM simulation of nonlinear media.

Applied Electromagnetics

An important part of our researches have been focused on new concepts in electromagnetic engineering. We have being done works on applications of metasurfaces in RCS reduction, energy harvesting and antennas. Design and fabrication of microwave sensors and flat lenses are also being investigated in our group.

Electromagnetic Absorbing and Shielding Materials

In collaborations with departments of chemical and polymer engineering, we are fabricating microwave absorbing materials. These materials are commonly prepared by dispersing either conductive fillers (such as a form of carbon) or magnetic materials in a polymer matrix.


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