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Microwave Circuits Design

Course Description:

This course contains two sections. The first section provides a physical and mathematical description of wave propagation in guided structures, including: microstrip lines, striplines, and coplanar waveguides. The section also provides an overview of network Theory for N-port networks. As well, the scattering parameters and analysis via flow diagrams are introduced. In the second section, passive microwave circuit devices are studied including couplers, hybrids, power dividers/combiners, narrow and wide band matching networks, and filters.


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Main Text Book :

  • David Pozar, Microwave Engineering, 4th Ed., John Wiley & Sons, 2011.


ADS Tutorial:


Lecture Notes:

  • Lecture One: introduction  pdf
  • Lecture Two: theory of transmission lines pdf
  • Lecture Three: Smith chart pdf
  • Lecture Four: simple matching networks pdf
  • Lecture Five: wideband impedance matching  pdf
  • Lecture Six (a): fundamental waveguide theory pdf , video
  • Lecture Six (b): parallel plates and rectangular waveguides pdf , video
  • Lecture Six (c): coaxial lines pdf , video
  • Lecture Six (d): waveguides for planar printed circuits pdf , video
  • Lecture Seven: microwave network analysis pdf
  • Lecture Eight: microwave resonators pdf
  • Lecture Nine: power dividers and couplers pdf
  • Lecture Ten: microwave filters pdf




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